Seeing the value of this protection, we have decided to make the plugin publicly available to all Joomla users, no matter if they use our hosting services or not. almost 7 years ago I am new to joomla and have bought a few themes already I like this the most. You’ll get 5 stars from me. Fantastic styling with beautiful moves (check out the bottom of the contact us page I get to use a lot of templates an a daily basis, have been using joomla since ver1. and can. You can disable responsive functionality of the theme or can enable the Easily change the website content width or make it boxed in the Exclusive demo import that is amazingly easy and the fastest way to build your website. v – July 17, v – July 05, v – June 16,

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Add a reply View Replies 6. Hi, I’m about to upgrade a website from ver1. The plan is to upgrade the Joomla version to 2. I’m fairly new templzte Joomla, so a detailed set of instructions would be very much appreciated.

Likes Highest Vote Latest Oldest. Ian Hayward Ojomla Answer. Kevin My advice – set yourself up with WAMP on your local machine, backup the site and restore it on your machine. That way you have: Remember – when you install Akeeba you have to check this warning box: You are supposed to periodically carry out hoomla restorations of your backup archives to a subdomain, test server q a local development server.

Backup archives may be corrupt, missing data even an entire database or all of your site files in extreme cases!

  EN 12350-1 PDF

Finding this out when your site is crashed is way too late. By clicking this box you understand that if you do not have a tested backup it will be outright impossible to provide any assistance to you regarding backup restoration.

I’m thinking of backing up the ver1. If it’s successful, I’ll transfer it over to the GoDaddy.

If not, then at least the ver1. And thanks also, for reminding me to verify that the backup is not corrupted.

2JTabs Overview

Kevin Tan 5 years ago. HI Kevin, you mentioned your fairly new to Joomla.

I have found repetition really helped me to grasp Joomla and it’s functions. Rather than moving kake copy of a site to another site, I would start from scratch and do it over.

This wrote approach helped ingrain Joomla into my mind. What I also found was at certain points I decided to make changes based on what I had learned.

Creating a basic Joomla! template – Joomla! Documentation

I looked at the exercise as a learning experience rather than just a task I wanted to do as quickly as possible. Good luck with your project. Thanks Les, for your encouragement. And I’ll need all the luck I can get. Kevin Tan Accepted Answer. I understand your concern about a newbie like me taking on this huge task. I need your opinions on a couple of things: Is this a good software to use for the migration? You maks the site isn’t live yet. Godaddy lets you hit a button and it’s updated.

The biggest challenge is to make sure your extensions are compatible with the new Joomla version. You might copy the site first but you want to be running on the new version anyway. How complicated is the site? This could be very simple or it could cause some work, it really depends on your site and the construction tejplate did.


Hi Les, The site itself isn’t all that complicated moderate, I’d say. But I think there’s some modification done to the template. I’ll be checking on the difference, as well as the extensions to see if they have the 2.

Tristan Montano Accepted Answer. Hi Kevin, Joomlla right – migrating from J1. That’s why the process is called a ‘migration’ as opposed to a simple ‘upgrade.

Also, and makd cannot emphasize this enough: Akeeba Backup is your best tool for creating Joomla backups. That’s a huge topic Kevin – and I doubt you’re going to get full, detailed instructions here.

It’s taken me a lot of time, effort, trial and error to get to a point where I’m happy to do this for a client. If you want help with a specific problem, ask away. A big site is a different animal altogether. Look up Joomla docs for detailed migration instructions and be prepared for a LOT of work. If you’re a Joomla newbie I’d recommend you find someone who knows what they’re doing and pay them to do it for you. There are no replies made for this post yet.

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