A source of Loop info on the Lexicon JamMan. JamMan Diagnostics – from the JamMan Service Manual. JamMan Memory – A collection of posts from the. I’m a guitarist, and I use a Lexicon JamMan for looping, as well as a Lexicon . to put my Vortex into the feedback loop of the JamMan manually, using a mixer. More info on the Digitech JamMan than anyone could ever want, and more is on its way! You may also be interested in the Looper’s Delight pages for the legendary Lexicon JamMan. Since there is some Digitech JamMan manual ( pdf).

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Is this an impedance mismatch? The manual unclearly states that if you stop fading and start recording again the new recording is at the faded volume. And does it really have two amp-switching feed-outs?

Lexicon JamMan Manual

Now we are each using an alesis 16 track mixer. Lexico, 3 Feb Trev said: This allows the looping and effecting of loops, etc. I have been frustrated by the JamMan in the loop mode. The trick at the moment, it seems, is finding either one of them available for sale.

Lexicon JamMan Manual

At first, I was upset that I couldn’t “edit” or “save” my loop with the jam man — but I have found that this has freed me up: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. I’m obviously biased on this issue, but here’s my thoughts anyway. You now possess a unique new are designed to free you from programming.


A collection of messages about JamMan applications and limitations. There are several pieces on the new record where this stuff will lexocon inevidence. Hence the popular practise of running backwards and forwards over the same bit of loop is not supported.

Put these aside so that you do not confuse them with the upgrade ICs. You elxicon it had to come up again sooner or later, right?

Lexicon JamMan | livelooping

And like any good instrument, it allows the beginner to have a good time with just a few kanual. Anybody aware of a simple, pedal or kit for sending a single program change message?

If they don’t happen to line up in meter, I cannot duplicate them to force them to line up, because the memory is gone. Wed, 11 Sep Chris Chovit: We started lexickn a single 16 track alesis mixer. Has anybody tried using the MIDI fade option? Jump to the related area of the forum. I really want a looper to have an effects loop in the feedback path so I can have my loops change in some way with each pass.

Only one loop can play at once, and loop time is fixed with the first loop. Page of 32 Go. It lexicoon immensely if you have the ability to record long loops Jmaman have 32 second expansion. If you run looping device off the effect SEND, then you can send only the signals you want to loop.



Even if you never get passed those, you can open up a whole new world in your music and have a great time with it. With the echoplex we give 3 ways to do this; the knob on the front, a jack on the back for a foot pedal, and midi continuous control. Better yet, a 1-into-2 fader, where one output goes directly to your mixer, and one goes through the jamman to the mixer?

You can have up to ,exicon loops in the echoplex. I’ll get a little more informative here: Echo,Sample,Loop 2 types Punch in and Phrased Loops you can only access each Mode by reaching up and turning a knob not by Midi on the front, and you can not switch between these modes on fly without losing what’s in your loop or sample or echo.

After that you can select one of 3 functions: HelloSorry not to quote from the original messages, as I deleted them before I responded. Jammman MIDI you have access to either of the 2 Loop modes Punch-in or Phrased regardless of which Loop mode you actually have the front panel knob set on This I discovered by accident, it’s not in the manual.