Get to understand the King of mudras – Kechari Mudra, an advanced yoga posture with which you can even suppress hunger and thirst. Kechari mudra is a subject of increasing discussion and debate these days. It is a good sign. It means it is coming out of the shadows of esoteric yoga and into. This article covers a technique, Khechari Mudra, that is one of the most unusual in yoga and therefore a bit too strange for some people.

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With practice, it can go further behind to touch the soft palate. Considered to be the king of all the mudrasKechari Mudra is an ancient yoga technique that helps the practitioner attain a blissful infinite state kecharii consciousness. This page was last edited on 19 Julyat Kechari mudra is a yoga practice where the tongue is rolled up to touch the soft palate initially and then with due practice it is inserted into the nasal cavity behind the palette.

In the Raja Yoga method, cutting kecyari frenum is not advised. Whitep. It represents a major transition in advanced yoga practices to a higher level. Is Your Chi Blocked?

But that temporary bliss is not the objective of a true yogi. Our mental purification is more important than tough physical exercise. Stay that way for as long as you can without discomfort. All the hatha yoga texts sing the glory of this mudra, and unanimously declare that when the tongue points upwards the yogi drinks nectar, he is freed from old age and death, and he easily enters into samadhi. Physically, numerous taste cells are positioned not only on the tongue but also on the uvula, soft palate, larynx, pharynx, and epiglottis.


Stage 3 — This stage involves working slowly towards the nasal pharynx and the septum. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Improvement in the tone of the voice Reduction of abdominal fat Clearing the mind of anger, attachment and ego Increased vitality and energy.

Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

Years may pass to move to stage 4 from stage 1. Kechari Mudra technique is one of the most effective and pleasurable of the yoga practices. Instead, with certain practices like Talabya kriyathe tongue can be made long enough to enter the nasal cavity. This is a rather short trip but quite momentous.

This is an advanced practice and the yogi is said to overcome thirst, hunger, decay and death by this practice. When the tongue enters the nasal pharynx for the very first time, there can be temporary surprising reactions to the event and they settle upon continuous practice. This point is the demarcation line which must be passed before moving to the stage 2.

Kechari Mudra stages | Mudra | Pinterest | Meditation, Yoga and Yoga meditation

Kechari is an advanced practice that enables the yogi to reach higher states of consciousness. The role of physical exercise is very limited. It has to be achieved so you can redirect the flow of life force energy to move upwards and unlock the tenth gate.

The secretions of Kechari Mudra when consumed benefit the body kechafi with the anti-aging properties and other powers. The approach can be different for different people. Through the performance of Kechari MudraSiddha Traditions in Medieval IndiaChicago: This technique of keechari mucus is known as khechari mudraand it is thought to be one of the crowning achievements of yoga.


Definitely, these practices helped them to keep their attention on the tongue area. You will feel fresh and relaxed. Purification of the this chakra creates space in the lower physical body and activates kevhari sahasara chakra.

This is not an easy stage as it can take much effort for most people to keep the tongue on the top of the mouth and work on it. It is foolishness to cut the frenum under the tongue. There are many sensitive invisible micro astral nerves on the palates and on the tongues.

To perform this mudra, the tongue is rolled back and up into the nasal cavity above the soft palate. This organ is situated towards the back edge of the nasal septum.

But I know many yogis who can touch the uvula with the tip of the tongue. And the tenth opening in a baby is called the anterior mudar.

Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

Kechari mudra is a yoga gesture that’s designed to awaken spiritual energies in the body. In the Gheranda Samhitait kechar said that the frenum can be cut, bit by bit. With the right attitude, devotion and wisdom, one can attain desired benefits through the powerful Kechari Mudra technique.