Every time you install JomSocial component, all available plugins will be installed You will neet to publish plugins manually using Joomla plugin manager. Manual 0 User Group Leaving the generate options Am @ Manual 0 set to Auto will automatically generate usernames, passwords, e-mails, user groups. What Is Email Beautifier? Installation & Upgrading instructions Letting Email Beautifier Handle JomSocial Emails or removing Templates from JomSocial email.

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Download the package and install to your site. The quickstart allows you to replicate JA Mood demo to your server. Documentation is a WIP. You can use the following servers on your PC to develop your site.

From back-end, go to: The page uses default layout so we don’t need to create template style for the page, just assign JA Mood – Default template style for EasySocial menu item. Once the configuration is done, go to: Here is the structure of the supported layouts.

Using the filter to find the extensions you want to msnual JoomlArt products onlyhit the “Check Update” button to check for new version then hit the Upgrade Now to upgrade the extension to latest version. Create 2 Artciles – Category modules and assign to same position “mast-col”. You can create multiple templates style for JA Mood template, each template style is assigned to one layout and the template style is assigned to specific menu items so that in one site, you use 1 template but you can use as many layouts as you want.


JA Mood | Joomla Templates and Extensions Provider

There are 2 video sources supported: When upgrading, the conflicted files will be overridden by files in new version, that means what you customized in the files will be lost. You can check this by going to: JA Mood supports multiple layouts by default: The masthead of the page is using JA Masthead module so create JA Masthead module and add menu item, title, description and background for the menu item.

Content of EasySocial Login login page is loaded from modules. You can also select different logo for mobile view. The section will help you with steps to install JA Mood template – Quickstart and Manual installation. JA Mood template supports Easysocial component.


It means, after install the quickstart, you will have a site exactly the same as the demo site. Please make sure your system meets the following requirements:.

You should compare the changes before upgrading. The section includes 2 modules assigned to 2 positions: The page Video page use JA Mood default template style so we will not need to create maunal style for the page. So it will require you to install and enable JA Content type plugin.


You can assign the custom style to the pages you want. The page uses home layout so we need to create template style and assign the home layout. JomSocial is commercial extension so you will need to buy it from JomSocial. JA Mood template is native with Joomla 3. The page uses social-home layout so we need to create template style and assign the social-home layout.

Next, we are going to create extra fields for the “Artist Info” extra field group. We’ll try to cover them all. Make sure the module is assigned to displayed in the corresponding menu item in the Menu Assignment tab or you just assign the module to display in all page.

The jomscoial way to create template is cloning JA Mood default template style. During development process, Localhost is preferred. Content of JomSocial login page is loaded from modules. Detail documentation with screenshots. We only pay attention to conflicted files – files that have been modified by both user and developer. The FREE extension brings a new way to manage extensions: