Hotel Palenque is a / artwork by U.S. artist Robert Smithson ( ). Initially existing as a series of 31 color transparency. Hotel Palenque, a slideshow of Robert Smithson’s photographs, reveals an unfinished hotel on the Mayan architectural site of Palenque, in Hotel Palenque: Robert Smithson: Books –

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Hotel Palenque makes this Mayan lacuna ever more explicit, “you won’t see any of those temples in this lecture For his piece Monument to Entropy Hotel Palenque [28]Jeremy Millar visited the hotel with his wife and made his own set of photographs.

Robert Smithson

And what about all those empty dirty pools? The lecture presentation has since been exhibited as an audio-visual art work in its own right, smothson the sequence of images synched to an audio recording of the artist’s talk. Some are empty, some are being rented out to travellers. Who knows on what fluid carried this person away who had left the clothes there.

Hotel Palenque Again

I am going ot show you the place where I stayed. Small more or less walkable paths meander through the thicket of the forest, giving smithaon to weird and fantastic buildings in all kind of conditions. Palenque actually used to be called the city of the snake. This kind of de-architecturization pervades the entire structure.

And then there is always a bit of color there you know, just right, like that little piece of red just sets off the whole thing so that there is no lack of color excitement. Now, we are here right now, creating a new perspective, because something else was not sustainable, and its ruins give space to us.


Hotel Palenque by Robert Smithson. The entropic forces acting on the Hotel spread to the artist’s language and deflect any sense of rational forward momentum to the lecture. Nature thinks in circles.

While the building process is still running on one side, the building is already decaying on the other side – until the whole process of renewal and rebuilding starts over again. It has definitely a sculptural appeal, like many other things around there.

And so we too might surmise that the mortar of some unbuilt future is also the dust of an equally distant past, but in the end, and perhaps most satisfyingly, it is just a pile of cement-there to be dug for its cementness.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. I rented a studio and stayed for a year. Time and material are – to a large extend – still understood as a cyclical or wave-like process, both symbolized by the snake.

Robert Smithson’s Hotel Palenque

Smithson came to Palenque in with Nancy Holt and an art dealer friend to mingle on the paths of the old mayan gods and found them more vividly incorporated in the hotel he was staying in, than in the ancient archeological mayan site.

Retrieved from ” http: It just happens to be there, and its boringness gives it a certain ambience, a certain frisson, a kind of meaning that it might not otherwise have.

Before leaving, Millar deposited the roll of film in one of the hotel’s safety deposit boxes and later exhibited the key, alongside the receipt for the box, as part of the exhibition ‘Sleeper,’ in Edinburgh in And this is also what we are sort of doing here in this abandoned 19th century pre-GDR shopping center named HERO where Rainer Ganahl is the host of our convention of neo new age bandits.


Its rich variety of ancient cultures continues to be present in the thickest urban jungle like Mexico City, as well as in more or less remote places where nature has not yet lost its force, the one than seems brutal and obscene to us. Views Read Edit View history.

What a brave and elegant construction although both its ends broke away, leaving it standing in the green, stripped bare of its function. Towards a Stonehenge of four vertical bricks.? I think that is a pslenque concept. The most impressive roaring shouts mad one look up into the trees, simply to see the balls of a howling monkey. A thought that came up on my frequent sociological talks with Mexico City cab drivers who kept asking me basic questions about Palenquf economy and politics, was, how the history of western productivity and infrastructure is rooted in the seasonal climate.

Seemingly it has no certain purpose and it is not in use of anything, but obviously someone keeps it clean from dirt and falling leafs. Smithson’s ‘Hotel Palenque’ “, greg. The importance of Hotel Palenque is generally related to Smithson’s ongoing concern with processes of entropyand his overarching project to recontextualize cultural or man-made elements within expanded, sometimes geological, timescales.

The term is being applied to all kind of things, product, organisms, ideas, whatsoever.

Italicized parts are quotes from Robert Smithsons original speech, everything else by Ulrike Buck.