From RK Lilley: I thought the second teaser for the book should be in the fashion of Mr. Mercurial himself. In the last excerpt of Grounded, you. Buy a cheap copy of Grounded book by R.K. Lilley. Grounded, Book 3 in the Up In The Air Trilogy. James and Bianca’s story draws to a close in the explosive. Grounded, the third and final book in the Up In The Air series by RK Lilley (see the reading order here, it MUST be read in order) was one of my.

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I just didn’t want to finish that last chapter. And… as a treat, we actually get several scenes from his POV in this book including his back story. I was so pissed at James at one point I wanted to slap him but it made sense in the end when!

The story felt fragmented, the book jumped from one scene to another and yes, there was lots of hot sex, but at t. Overall this book was what I wanted and more.

But it all came very quickly back to me and I connected back to the characters instantly. Grounded left me satisfied, wanting more, loving the ending, and feeling like I could have read more books about these incredible characters.

She’s the girl with the dreams in her eyes and fear in her heart. Groundedis by far the best novel in the series! View all 60 comments.

Grounded (Up in the Air, #3)

We were introduced to James “Mr. Thank you for making all of my dreams come true.

A great ending to Bianca, James and Stephan’s story! I wanted to think, you know, “objectively”.


I got sick and tired of the non-stop sex scenes, the same issues being rehashed again and again, and I guess because I’m not into sadomasochism I really didn’t enjoy the beatings and the tolerance of being beaten up. No doubt about it. Do it with love, looking stylish in your platforms, with patience and calmness. One of the other things that I found vexatious was Bianca’s recklessness. I’m gonna try and reel it in and state facts I enjoyed that part of the book.

I love a strong female character in a book I can’t put into words how much I loved these books Grounded ended This author cracked me up with “took deep breaths” she was always taking deep breaths, it became comical.

During this last book I figured out why. I’m just so relieved that in this book he finally earned his “red wings” NOT Take your credit and run. It’s either because they aren’t interesting enough or because we didn’t know anything major about them before this book and since there were so many of them, I felt disconnected. I enjoyed this journey. Liked the scarf scene and the pool party a lot, what a great crew, so cool!

The last half of Grounded made the whole series worth reading. Mr Beautiful can be so gentle, caring and loving when he needs to be. I always looked at he as being a liilley character but this really changed my veiw one her and made me seriesly dislike her and James. I have to be honest here I literally Overall, it’s a great trilogy. James remained steadfast with his need to make Bianca his forever, which makes groudned adore him more.

Grounded (Up in the Air, #3) by R.K. Lilley | LibraryThing

Contemplate at least a day, an hour, 30 minutes, fuck I just overall wasn’t impressed with this book. She’s also the girl who in this final installment, is trying to move on from her ,illey and let James into her heart completely Bianca’s reaction cracked me up.


Become a LibraryThing Author. Safety Gang view spoiler [ in this book the sex tape is finally revealed. I simply love the way he loves groundedd. I’ve listened to her during this whole series, she is the best narrator I’ve listened to on Audible!

Come fly the friendly skies! I’m not blaming her, everyone has his own but after 3 books grouded the same drama you have to stop and say: A lovely conclusion to James and Bianca’s story.

One thing I can say for certain is that you will get a lot of answers, some will make you happy and some won’t and some you definitely won’t expect. First main character EVER to finally put the mean bitch in her place, and in the way she deserved. Narrator- Elizabeth Powers was excellent and enhanced this audiobook experience as well as the author’s writing talent.

Most Helpful Most Recent. As James and Bianca feel a growing need for each other, circumstances of the past have a way of appearing when you least expect it That’s all it was supposed likley be.

I kept hearing myself, ‘alright already’ and ‘be done with it’. Amazon Kindle 0 editions. That was great, however, that sadistic side of James made me want to punish him!