: El beso de Judas / The Kiss of Judas: Fotografia Y Verdad / Photography and Truth (Spanish Edition) () by Joan Fontcuberta . : El beso de Judas / The Kiss of Judas: Fotografia Y Verdad / Photography and Truth (Spanish Edition): Ships with Tracking Joan Fontcuberta. El Beso De Judas Fotografía Y Verdad De Joan Fontcuberta. 3 likes. Book.

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It is of course a very cerebral insect, a sort of cultural ter- mite. In addition, he is a writer, editor, teacher, and curator. If there is a difference, then it is to be located in the moment of use- fulness.

There is something uncanny, even suicidal about releasers, because once pressed, we lose control of the processes they have released. Fontcuberta, on the other hand, manipulates his assembled objects and most probably intervenes through choice of point of view, lightening, exposure and, finally, contrasting when printing the negative.

Even your portrait — the one I took in Barcelona — will be reproduced.

El Beso de Judas (English, Spanish, Hardcover, illustrated edition)

There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Cultural routes Cities, towns and villages Fiestas and traditions Artists and creators Outstanding works. Retrieved from ” https: In this series, Fontcuberta “arranged inanimate objects such as electrical cord, plastic, a shaving brush or a rubber hose into what appear to be exotic plants”, [12] thereby creating “pseudoplants”.

In Richardson, Nan, editor. It’s a excellent product. Several lines of evidence available since the first exhibition of “Sputnik” in in Madrid suggested that the story and artifacts form an elaborate hoax:.


The idea was to look for authors whose work was capable of translating the political evolution of the country leaving the dictatorship into a new aesthetics. Despite this, for Fontcuberta photog- raphy does not consist in offering visual truths about the world, or in ensuring precise visual in- formation: They suggest a pa- tient scientific work of classification and judad like ordinary dried plants from exotic gardens.

In all modesty, I would also like to be that way!

The New York Times29 July Die Tageszeitung13 October Another letter is dated 13th … Flusser also briefly informs Fontcuberta about his trip to Naples suggesting to invite the Director of the French Institute to Barcelona. After a first very intensive phase of meetings and exchanges in the relationship stagnated for some time until Flusser revived it in with the proposal of a new project that unfortunately was not realized.

Plants, for instance, have to fit in an al- ready existing system of classification. The card was posted in France.

This is a pernicious distinction. Andreas contacted me inhe was the editor of a journal called Fotografie and asked me if he could publish some of my work. The button on my photo camera is a bachelor. In this book one can find a few more comments on 1 This text is also the result of a collaboration and a Flusserian enterprise of translation and retranslation from Span- ish to English, English to Spanish and back again.

Counter-visionary photography invokes basically, a triple subversion: Fontcuberta reflects on the ways technological innovations revolutionize composition schemes and perspective, as well as on the habits of perceiving movement. En plus, je dois te demander comment tu veux que je te paye ton magnifique texte. To photograph is an angelical gesture.


After this first more general introductory part we want to discuss the reciprocal theoretical and creative interest that brought Flusser and Fontcuberta together and the different texts resulting from this.

El beso de Judas: fotografía y verdad – Joan Fontcuberta – Google Books

Art in review; Joan Fontcuberta. Photography, for its part, may be considered a technique which aims at producing information through the chemical changes provoked by light falling on sensitized surfaces. Archived 28 May at the Wayback Machine.

The Photobook, a Fontcubetta. Visit our Help Pages. Biology may fundamentally be considered the study of successive changes in genetic information from the beginnings of life on earth up to the present. What month could that have been?

In this section you can search all our contents throughout the different stages in the history of art in Spain, to find styles such as Baroque, Gothic, Mudejar and many, many more. Could you give us some more details about this publication year, month etc. Something between an ant and a nudas. We have published these two texts in this issue along with the letter exchange between Flusser and Fontcuberta and the short philosophical fiction Bibliophagus convictus which had originally been conceived for Artforum and for ed Flusser asked Fontcuberta to take a few pictures.