It sure would be nice if Freewing would consider offering an F in 80, or 90mm size. Years ago, I had an LX models 70mm version. Buy low price, high quality rc f with worldwide shipping on F Nighthawk 70mm. RC Stealth Jet Plane. orangebutton buy now copy redbutton product spares. Description; More Images; Specifications; Video.

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Video Resources Customer Support. Be aware of balance charger accessories that are not included wall adapters usually sold separately.

BlitzRCWorks F-117 Stealth Fighter V2 RC EDF Jet

Mar 13th, I remember the folks on RCG told me not to make that my first aircraft but I didn’t listen. You could be a dope like me and try this method The plane features a KFm2 Airfoil main wing, 3D shaped fuselage olane straight vertical stabilizers.

Hobby Squawk v2 Plwne its two embedded bomb cabins, it can throw bombs in high speed flying by RC system. Recommended for hobbyists with Intermediate to Advanced foamboard llane skills. I took a lot of well deserved crap from the experts having a great laugh at my expense.


What I didn’t know at the time is that I had the elevons reversed. Good common practice and recommendation is to use a battery that is rated somewhere between 1. Please use at your own discretion. Funny story but my first electric aircraft was the LX F!

Blog – rcFoamFighters

High wing, slow trainers until I had a good grasp of the hobby. Advanced models with the RTF option may or may not come with a battery or charger. I just remember she was easy to palne, floaty and not too fast which was perfect for me at the time when I was still learning jets. It would be cool to see an F EDF done right!

Great for intermediate and skilled pilots Extended Flight simulator practice and experienced pilot supervision recommended. Thanks for your story, I enjoyed that. Full mechanical retracts with full retract bay doors and bomb bay It can complete every real plane simulate action, such as hanging, spin, flat spin and all other tricks.

I would push for a 90mm, super scale. This pane only gave us a good view of the plane at a good distance but it also served as a great way to tell the orientation of the plane. Almost Ready to Fly. Moderate airplane assembly required. Be aware of balance charger accessories that are not included wall adapters usually sold separately.


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The Blackbird was whole lot of fun to fly, but I had an infinite amount of trouble from the power system. It is based on the above formula.

Free to download, just click on the link! After not being able to get anyone to answer emails or the phone, I said the hell with it and assembled the plane. Would love to see a better version that doesn’t require a rebuild though.

*** rcFoamFighters FF-VIPER-50 ***

The main difference is what is included in the package. This f171 option indicates what comes included and does not mean a completely assembled item. Paul Petty June Description: I managed to save the plane, but that bird does NOT like to fly on one engine!!!

Chances are that Freewing would be using EPO if they made this jet.