Download Kino Escalation Ladder 2nd Edition – Vin DiCarlo. DiCarlo puts a lot of focus on getting physical as quickly as possible by using what he calls the ‘sexual kino escalation ladder’. The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder is. DiCarlo’s (Kino) Escalation Ladder – Deluge – AM Just thought I’d share this with you all. I’ve used the Escalation Ramp at the end of the.

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July 24, by CH. How should a man respond when his woman has begun sexually withdrawing from him? It is designed to provide a smooth escalation, containing ladedr significant jumps that may cause a woman to object. At the same time, the [EL] contains no extraneous steps which are non-essential to the seduction process.

This results in a FAST escalation sequence which is compatible with a variety of verbal structures, and has been field tested and perfected edittion myself, Vincent DiCarlo, in hundreds of trials. There is an inherent value and attractiveness to a man who can escalate in such escallation intelligent and socially aware manner, which is why your verbal content does not matter very much when using this method.

Because women reward men who take the initiative, particularly editon on when their antennae are exquisitely tuned for any arousing signals of alpha male sexual entitlement. The basics of his Escalation Ladder are, in order of application:. Incidental asexual touch aka kino. Overt erogenous touch pre-kiss kino. Total time for the above: After you have isolated her in a sex location, proceed to.

Touching her bare back below her shirt. Stomach to stomach dicaarlo. Touching her bare body breast inclusion not necessary. Direct vaginal stimulation from back. Direct vaginal stimulation from front. Remove her clothes for sex. Steps 8 — 16 can take as short as 15 minutes. ELs are about rewarding girls to encourage good read: If the girl perceives her punishment as immediate retribution for something she did to or is not doing for the man, she will accept that as validation of her higher relative SMV.

The best punishment in matters of fraying romance is not the whip, but the poison. The CH maxim — Punish promptly, reward intermittently — is not violated by this nuance. A reckless inadvertent punishment can be executed as promptly as a retributive deliberate punishment. Not all retributive punishment is ineffective, however.


At the highest levels of female id manipulation, a mix of purposeful and inadvertent punishment with oddly-timed rewards delivers an intoxicating ambiguous message that can so sufficiently stir fears of abandonment and incoherent jealousy that a woman will find herself defenseless to recapture lost relationship hand. The closest we have, in fact, to unconditional love in this corporeal realm.


The De-escalation Ladder follows a similar, albeit invidious mirror image, progression as the Escalation Ladder. As reader Arred explained. Kind of like the color coded terror threat level chart, for the gradations of dread required to regain hand. Assuming your wife or girlfriend or fling or lust target has begun the emotional or sexual Withdrawal Protocol, the De-escalation Ladder sequence of responses that follow would be:.

Cut her off mid-sentence to talk to someone else, or to switch to your own subject of interest. Negs are also a type of rapport break. Literally turn your back on the girl. Do it with a wan smile or a neutral expression. When she goes to touch you, gently move away from her.

Breaking physical contact can include putting your clothes back on an especially potent form of hamster torture if done prior to her redressing herself. Emotional connection is more important to women than physical connection. You will not act spitefully; it will appear as if your attention merely got captured by something more entertaining.

At no point should esccalation voice betray a hurt pride or impatience. Do NOT freeze-out until you have exhausted your mental reserve for pushing her toward sex. Over the longer term, emotional disengagement would include things like terse conversations, diminishing nonsexual time together, provisioning withdrawal, and a careless attitude toward her promised fidelity or threats of infidelity. Keep her on tenterhooks. Wait a day or two before texting or calling her back.

The ultimate de-escalation hand over a game-playing woman is another woman. De facto harems are self-perpetuating. The bigger your harem, 2md more women want in. When steps fail, you have to deploy the BFG. Believe it or not, there is something even more emotionally explosive to a woman than catching her man cheating.

Preemptively breaking up with her is the Excalibur of shivs. You will hew her ego in half. Dicarll added impact, slip out the back Jack and lodge your plea for freedom via absentee breakfast table letter. To a woman, getting dumped must be similar to escalatjon a world class chef feels when a starving man turns his nose up at his buffet of scrumptious pastries.

This is why, when you break up with girls, few will happily or serenely accede to your judgment. Not even edtion who were having doubts will be able to accept your resignation with tact or calm relief.

When she is at the breaking point and starved for your attention, slide a bowl of gruel under the door of her solitary confinement. The De-escalation Dicsrlo is excerpted from the darkest pages of the tomes of the crimson arts. And the fewest deition can muster the state control to apply the lessons as intended. Incidental asexual touch on the clit aka kino.

Overt asexual touch on da clittoris with a thumb in da ginalzlzzol. Incidental intimate touch in da bingholelzozlzl. Overt intimate touch in da gina holaloeos and bungholeloz. Incidental erogenous touch via ezcalation. Overt erogenous touch pre-kiss kino via fistingsaz in da bnghozlzlzlz. Touching her cervix with da tip of your cockasz. Incidental vaginal stimulation with da hired gigalolaz.


Direct vaginal and bungzhzozllzzooz stimulation from back from three different menz.


Direct vaginal and binzgzozlzlzozo stimulation from front from seven menz. Remove her clothes for sex, but keep yourz on, and fall asleepz as it is soooo bornigz when only six of da seven hentai porntnrsyars show up zlzlzlzoz. All women need to be sexed — your sexing of your woman completes her and makes her whole.

If ladddr are not sexing your woman, then you might as escxlation assume that YaReally already is [or will be soon]. There is no such thing as completeness or wholeness.

She goes in handcuffs 2. You spank her for disobedience 3. No handcuff key until she climaxes. Be able to tell is vital- no faking. Having the proper attitude when you are done.

No smiling, no gloating. Living in an apartment near my college, spending my days studying. Had a gf over the summer, she went to Smith College. She had 2nnd to cool off toward me at the end of the summer.

She said that the girls had tea parties and talked politics. I asked if guys go to them she said yes. I said I want to go to a tea party then, and she said no, as if she was embarassed by me and my right wing politics.

So I cut her off.

DiCarlo Escalation Ladder: Concise and Emphasized : seduction

Not out of strength, but out of hurt. I did have a spare girl fdition the kitty visiting me too, which helped. But I editionn honestly written her off out of butthurt. We get back to apartment and she immediately does a bj. Whoa, where did that come from? She really taught me a lesson, I guess!

I did Game a few times in my life — totally inadvertently, and I felt horribly guilty about it. You received your last blow job in — but you have a clear conscience. I was dating a girl I wanted to get rid of. She was a 5 and very conservative and Catholic. I was very secular escalafion center-left. I started answering only every-other call. I joked around about having other girlfriends.

I invited a pretty 2nd cousin I mine to meet up with me at a coffee house when I knew her best friend would be working.