Draconomicon I: Chromatic Dragons (4e) – Draconomicon™ I: Chromatic The release schedule for D&D 4e was carefully laid out into. Draconomicon: Metallic Dragons () was the third of the monster splatbook for D&D 4e (), following Draconomicon: Chromatic. Draconomicon 2 has 55 ratings and 2 reviews. Kaitlynn said: I dig the added complexity of dragon morality and the plethora of new metallic dragons. None.

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The lair itself is similar to the gold dragon’s in its sophistication and design, although the silver dragon’s lair tends to be far less intricate. Both parents watch over the eggs and raise the wyrmling until it reaches adulthood, whereupon the parents separate.

Story and campaign elements in the book give Dungeon Masters ready-to-play material that is easily incorporated into a game, mwtallic adventure hooks, quests, and pregenerated treasure hoards. A brass dragon’s lair is well-constructed and quite extensive, with many twisting corridors and dead ends to confuse and discourage hostile intruders. The tips of these points are black and very sharp, and are often used for grooming. Older brass dragons drraconomicon become discouraged with the world, believing that others are ruining it.

Unlike the gold or bronze dragon, the silver dragon does not usually go out of its way to bring justice to the world. Joe rated it liked it May 24, When a steel dragon hatches, its scales are a deep blue-gray color with steely highlights. In rare cases, this self-righteousness grows into something far more sinister, and the bronze dragon takes over what it sees as draconomidon races, ruling as a cruel tyrant dragonss its subjects.

They smell like rain. Joe Rogers rated it it was amazing May 16, Physically, gold dragons are quite spectacular.


Such a home need not be opulent, but it must be large enough to accommodate a strongroom that will hold all the dragon’s treasure. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Silver dragons lay their eggs in a bed of snow. They will often join metallid armies to fight the forces of evil, either in human form or their own. They claim themselves as the pursuers of Io’s final vision.

These multiple entrances allow a brass dragon to easily escape an attack by a blue dragon or other predator. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: At birth its scales are dull silver.

Draconomicon: Chromatic Dragons | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Hardcoverpages. To ask other readers questions about Draconomicon 2please sign up. More aggressive bronze dragons purposely choose lairs near shipping lanes so they can claim tribute from merchant vessels as those craft pass by. Ari Marmell Goodreads Author. They can be found anywhere, but prefer to lair in huge underground caverns. Their v&d horns are broad and flat, pointing backwards towards the tail from the top of their heads.

Wizards of the Coast.

They are very intelligent, more so than most humans, extremely powerful, breathtakingly beautiful, and have lifespans which can extend to 4, years as stated in draconomicon, the book of dragons. They also have a distinctive frill protruding from either jaw.

It should be noted that silvers, like all dragons, believe themselves the most superior creatures in the world. A large frill runs down the upper part of its neck. They smell of saffron and incense. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Open Preview See a Problem?

They have two sharp horns on the chin, which become steadily pointier as the dragon xraconomicon. Bronze wyrmlings hold a strong sense of responsibility from the moment it leaves the egg- one that causes it to seek out purpose as thoroughly as it hunts for sustenance. No trivia or quizzes yet.


Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement

Gold dragons dislike killing, but they do not hesitate to do so if it is necessary in order to defeat an evil drqconomicon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Additionally, silvers and Reds favor the same sort of mountainous terrain for lairs, which leads to territorial disputes on top of having attitudes and philosophies at odds with the others’.

In combat, they are unpredictable except that they will never attack good-aligned creatures unless provoked. In rare cases, this feature may be a ring, tattoo, or other ornamentation. Within a city, they usually rely on local authorities to deal with troublemakers, though they are quite capable of dealing out their own justice when such authorities cannot be relied upon to do so.

Metallic dragon

Return to Book Page. This page was 44th edited on 25 Septemberat Adult copper dragons are quite social, mainly due to the desire to play tricks upon each other. They are best summarized as the paladins of the draconic world.

Views Read Edit View history. When new hatched, the scales of a copper wyrmling are a muddy brown in color, which gradually shifts to a glowing copper as it matures.