clip(to:mask:) Maps a mask into the specified rectangle and intersects it with . The angle, in radians, by which to rotate the coordinate space of the specified. Declaration. func UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext() -> CGContext? func UIGraphicsPushContext(CGContext). Makes the specified graphics context the current.

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NSGraphicsContext – AppKit | Apple Developer Documentation

Begins a transparency layer whose contents are bounded by the specified rectangle. CGPoint Draws the contents of a layer object at the specified point. Int Returns the width in pixels of a bitmap context.

I’ve just tested your code, and as Peter said, it should work. Sign up or log in Sign referrnce using Google.

An object that represents a graphics context. Starts a new page in a page-based graphics context.

CGPoint Appends a straight line segment from the current point to the specified point. CGPoint Returns the current point in a non-empty path. CGGradient Drawing Options Paints a gradient fill that varies along the line cgclntext by the provided starting and ending points. And now I want to fill this figure with UIImage.


CGContext Reference

Working with the Current Transformation Matrix. CGFloat Adds an arc of a circle to the current path, specified with a radius and two tangent lines. If the value of the source sample in mask is Sthen the corresponding point in the current clipping area is multiplied by an alpha of S.

Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the receiver uses antialiasing. Converting Between Coordinate Spaces.

rotate(by:) – CGContext | Apple Developer Documentation

Compositing operators, described in terms of having source and destination images, each having an opaque and transparent region. Secound I want to image corners to be round geference in my figure. Graphics contexts are maintained on a stack. Associates custom metadata with the PDF document.

Int Displays a character string at a position you specify. Sets the clipping path to the intersection of the current clipping path with the region defined by an array of rectangles. CGAffine Transform Returns the current transformation matrix.

Testing the Drawing Destination. CGColor Space, bitmap Info: Begins a new page in a PDF graphics context. Bool Draws an image in the specified area.

  LEY 29289 PDF

I think a little more detail is required. These constants are dictionary keys used by init attributes: NSPoint The amount to offset the pattern color when filling the receiver.

Bool Creates a new graphics context from the specified Core Graphics context and the initial flipped state. See my code, which I added to my question.

Each graphics context contains its own graphics environment and state. Do you understand, or I unnecessarily complicate? NSWindow Creates and returns a new graphics context for drawing into a window. CGFloat Rotates the user coordinate system in a context. CGText Encoding Sets the font and font size in a graphics context.

My Code from -drawRect: Bool Instantiates and returns a new graphics context from the given graphics port.