Alright, the whining aside, today I’d like to talk about the Iconology, once very famous and today nearly forgotten book, written by Cesare Ripa. Iconology: or A collection of emblematical figures [chiefly composed from the Iconology of Cesare Ripa ] / [collected and arranged] by George Richardson. — . Iconography is the description, classification, and interpretation of the subject matter of a work of art. Derived from the Greek words eikon, meaning image or icon.

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He also described how these concepts are usually depicted, and for some he also provided illustration.

Views Read Edit View history. It is the first scientific encyclopaedia compiled cesae the German-speaking region. The purpose of this article is to draw attention to the survival of ars rripa in iconoloby nineteenth century through a first rapprochement to the Emblema nacional exploring its material features and iconographic motif.

I argue that the arrangement of the stucco figures was decided by C. Iconography – Henri Van De Waal — Born in Rotterdam, van de Waal began his studies in at the University of Leiden, which was to be his academic home for the rest of his career.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Help Center Find new research papers in: After the death of the cardinal, Ripa worked for his relatives. Paris, mars Colloque international Deustches Historisches Institut Interested non-LUC students should contact course.

Yet in the English version the monkey may well look at a mirror. Students will be enrolled iconoloogy least one week before the start of classes.


Visualizing Cultures (1600-1900): Political Iconology

This is a fairly typical example of the article we can also see it as a template. Hertel significantly truncated the text, now looking like a short digest:. A detailed reading list will be given before the start of the course but if they so wish, students can start by reading the following two texts:.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Cesare Ripa – Wikipedia

One of them, made around mid century, contained five 5! The baroque painter Antonio Cavallucci drew inspiration for his painting Origin of Music from the book. The second, revised, improved and extended edition was published ina year after the death of the cardinal Salviati the first book was dedicated iconoloyg him.

Iconography can work on many levels, from the simply descriptive to the cultural and symbolic, and may be applied to the wider relational framework of content. Getty Research Institute, With time, some colorful editions appeared too, inevitably. The book was also translated to many Iconologh languages, and soon became widely available in all corners of Europe, from England to Russia apparently, Russian Peter the Great saw the book during his stay in the Netherlands, and it was one of the first books he ordered to translate to Russian after his return to Moscow: Ipotesi per nuove interpretazioni iconografiche.

The figure of Prudence with a mirror is one of the most common visual memes in art history, and it would be expected that Ripe make his version with a mirror, too. Studi per Lina Bolzoni, a c.

On the very cover front page of its fifth volume we see a lady with a large convex mirror: It is a rare case when the new illustrator changed not only the shape of the mirror, but also its type, it became a convex one.


Little is known of Ripa apart from the fact that he was probably born in Perugia between and and is next recorded in the service of Cardinal Antonio Maria Salviati, for whom he acted as controller of the household in Rome.

This is his portrait the best I could find and the coat of arms:. Although the study of iconography is not limited to the visual arts, and indeed can be applied to textual or verb…. Semmai, le questioni qui Issues, Tools, Standards, Strategies. The first edition of his Iconologia was published without illustrations in and dedicated to Anton Maria Salviati.

Of self-transformation, that is, which by definition consists of endless efforts to pull yourself icnoology of the quagmire of own stupidity ignorance a hopelessly vain attempt, as it turns out. On the one hand, it reveals the combined use of several sources, on the other hand, gives the paintings an allegorical meaning.

Iconologia, or, Moral emblems

For more on sixteenth-century allegorical inventions in general and the Sala di Costantino in specific, see my book, Raphael’s Ostrich Penn State UP, Mixed technique on panel. Les Lunettes et l’Europe. Name Email Your email address will be altered so spam harvesting bots can’t read it easily.