Carpe Jugulum has ratings and reviews. Lyn said: Go for the throat! That may not be the exact translation for Carpe Jugulum, the title to T. 83 quotes from Carpe Jugulum (Discworld #23; Witches #6): ‘And sin, young man , is when you treat people like things.’. Carpe Jugulum is a comic fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett, the twenty third in the Discworld series. It was first published in In Carpe Jugulum, Terry.

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Supposing there was justice for all, after all? You had to choose. You might be right, you might be wrong, but you had to chooseknowing that the rightness or wrongness might never be clear or even that you were deciding between two sorts of wrong, that there was no right anywhere. And always, always, you did it by yourself. Not forever, with cameos in the forthcoming Tiffany Aching novels to follow, but Carpe Jugulum marks the last time Granny, Nanny and Magrat squabble their way into defeating whatever evil is invading the Discworld.

Carpe Jugulum is also about duality so it is somewhat amusing that I am in two minds about this novel. Amusing to me anyway. On the positive, you prstchett a relationship with certain protagonists — I pdatchett pleased when I lift up the next book and find it features Vimes or Weatherwax. Take what I wrote two weeks ago about Jingo. I felt the character of 71 Hour Ahmed was a waste as he seemed to be a perfect foil for Vimes but they were never really given a sufficient opportunity to battle one another.

That attachment to a series, an author, or group of characters means you and I include myself in this can be that bit more demanding. As an aside, Neil Gaiman is brilliant about this in his famous defence of George RR Martin and the cape between fans and authors. Taken independently, Carpe Jugulum is a strong, chilling, comic thriller, pushing the reader into thinking in ways they never expected to when they picked up a novel about vampires.

Maskerade opened with Nanny trying to inject some fun into the life of a very depressed Granny. The invite was pinched by magpies — no-one is so suicidal not to invite the most terrifying person in all of the Discworld to something. Can Nanny, Magrat and Agnes, the operatic latest addition to the coven, find Granny and save the kingdom, with the help of a priest of Om? Rather than taking more time and reducing the still mind-boggling publication rate of two books a year, he ploughs on through, with anything interesting returned to at a later date.

This is by no means a criticism. Apart from Soul Music. There are some neat seeds in this novel that show where the Discworld series juulum going.

Verence, the king of Lancre, is trying to improve his kingdom, to the ambivalence of his subjects. Lancastrians never threw away anything that worked. The trouble was they seldom changed anything that worked either…His plans for better irrigation and agriculture were warmly applauded by the people from Lancre, who then did nothing about them.

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The invading vampires are also modernisers, in their push to enter the daylight and move away from traditions. I wish I could have spotted that first time around. Another area where they have abandoned tradition is in their role as evil villains. While they do invade Lancre, they appear to want to do so with a surprising lack of bloodshed for a vampire family, instead using hypnotism. Mighty Oats, the Omnian priest, is another questioning soul, going through a crisis of faith.

But questioning should never end. Pratchett makes a Tomb Raider reference in how Perdita does a handstand upon pulling herself up onto a bridge.

The Annotated Pratchett File v – Carpe Jugulum

Some years later, his daughter Rihanna pratcett involved in writing the excellent Tomb Raider reboot. Since they were first written into the Discworld, Pratchett has made clear how witches help bring people into life and steer them towards what is next, sometimes with a helping hand.

One of the things a witch did was stand right on the edge, where the decisions had to be made. When she is bitten by the vampires, she confronts the wickedness inside her, for good. Here is where the difficulty at the centre of the novel is for me. Lords and Ladies had a brilliantly satisfying dramatic pay-off because after three novels of Magrat as a whipping girl, she overcomes the worst of herself. My point is that we have been here before.

I have seen Prahchett confront her dark self — that was how Witches Abroad ended. The actual final act is nowhere near as dramatic and the comic take on the vampires does not have the icy threat of the elves in Lords and Ladies. There are several concepts and themes that become more important as the series continues. Carpe Jugulum pratfhett a good book — it sits along the likes of Moving Pictures and Reaper Man — but its retread of better Discworld novels is a negative.

What is clear is Pratchett is wanting to move Discworld forward again.

The next book, The Fifth Elephant, gives us an idea of where. See you next week. Reblogged this on Book Reviews and Author Interviews.

Some interesting views, that I disagree with. Like Liked by 1 person. I think unlike you and Nathan, I was reading Pratchett almost exclusively since October. A bout of flu during the past 10 days meant I could crack on and finish reading Raising Steam.

I love this next chunk of books. From Fifth Elephant up until Monstrous Regiment, he is writing some of the best work of his career.

I was underwhelmed by The Truth, unimpressed and annoyed by Thief of Time despite being a Susan fanbored by The Last Hero, frustrated by Monstrous Regiment which starts great but ends up terribleand so-so about Going Postal.

And while Night Watch had some good bits, I was much less thrilled by it than everyone else was.

Carpe Jugulum

Of course, that may change on a re-read. I was probably burned out with Pratchett when these books first came out, and also less understanding of how his style changed over time.


I wonder what prompted so many people to have a re-read at the same time? Some of us were probably inspired by that to re-read, or prodded into it by his high profile in recent years due to his campaigning, and public jugupum.

Personally, I had an indirect motivation.

Book:Carpe Jugulum

I read Unseen Academicals and was very unimpressed, and then read Snuff and was cautiously pleased by comparison, but not overjoyed. So I started to doubt myself: How much of it was just my nostalgia? Your readthrough has underlined this for me jugukum as well as reminding me of how his juguoum evolved. Yes, there are poorer books though juuglum dire ones but each has redeeming qualities. The Sharpe novels, for example, essentally have the same plot each time Sharpe is in a battle, he meets girl, he meets enermy, adventure, sex with girl, big battle, gets rewarded but are well loved because of the atmosphere they create.

Pratachett is the same. Yes, often he recycles plots and tropes. Every author does from Dickens to Rowling — just look at Shakespeare! The plot is well constructed and tightly drawn. Are you going to move on to his other books — just finished Nation and its truely exceptional.

I finished Raising Steam last week and have plenty jugulm non-Pratchett books to be getting on with. Pratchett has been hinting at the darkness Granny has faced for some time, but this is the darkest he has gone. It is a simple observation, but one that rings brutally true. Anyway, I have rambled on for long enough! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Pratchett account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Skip to content book reviews bookscarpe jugulumdiscworldgranny weatherwaxreadingterry pratchettthe witches 11 Comments. Well clearly they can. But I do the best I can. Soul Music, cape, is surprisingly good, albeit not great. Like Liked by 1 person Reply.

Let me know if you are blogging the readthrough — drop me a link. Sadly not — though maybe I should start. Forty books by the same author since October does leave you with a desire for some variety! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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