Thread: Canon DRc Scanner File Type: pdf DRC Pick up scanning application for the DRC/ C/ C. There may be. For details on the Properties dialog box, refer to the User. Manual. 9. Click the [ OK] button to exit the scanner settings. Specify the file name and the file type . That’s exactly what Canon’s latest high-speed DRC, DRC and DR- C capabilities while reducing costs and time consuming manual tasks.

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Use the extension wire if the document extends beyond the edge of the document tray. See Roller Replacement Cycle on p. Each page is saved in a separate image file.

Adjust the carriage position by moving it left or right, then make sure you can feel it click in. The imprinter cover unlocks and opens to the front. Page 53 Push the roller lock lever up a and move it to the left b to unlock the roller. Skewed Image Deskewed Image Dropout and Color Enhancement The scanner is equipped with drop-out and enhancement functions that enable you to specify one color red, blue, or green to be omitted dropped out or enhanced when scanning, respectively.


Log onto Windows as an Administrator. This is a good workaround, but come on chaps: You can then specify the area from the displayed preview image. Document Feeding Methods Two document feeding methods are available: When specifying an area on the back side of documents, the x-offset is the distance from the right side of the feeder inlet viewed from the feeding direction.

See Removing and Reinstalling the Rollers on p.

OS X Sierra Рcannot scan from Cano… РApple Community

JPEG transfer is useful for color and grayscale images, as scanned image data is JPEG-compressed within the scanner before it is output. Chapter 5 Appendix 1. The Continuous Manual Feed Mode is enabled. Before moving the scanner, make sure to turn the power switch OFF, and disconnect the power plug from the power outlet.

Edge emphasis Adjusts the image contours.

Check the number of pages fed by the rollers, and press [Enter]. Confirm the access rights for the shared network folder with the network administrator, then enter the user name and password.

To install your download click on the name of the downloaded file.

When the scanner is configured to reboot with the computer, a roller replacement message also appears on the computer screen. Options Imprinter Unit Product Code: A maximum of 29 alphanumeric single-byte characters can be entered for a job title. Does the application you are using support CapturePerfect 3.


Scan multiple documents using the IJ Scan Utility

If this happens, replace the rollers, regardless of the page count of the roller usage brocuhre. Japanese display panel FR: Oct 7, 2: Gear Close the roller cover. Never use alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, or any other flammable substances. Add to the list Canon MX, whose scan function has been destroyed by Sierra.

A double feed was detected ultrasonically. See the description of each tab sheet for details. Chapter 2 Setup 2.

Miscellaneous Canon DRc Scanner

Detect and read addon codes automatically. Contact your local authorized Canon dealer or service representative. Scanner Recognition The scanner will be recognized the first time it is connected to the computer. The scanned image is abnormal for certain documents.

Please read this and the following manuals thoroughly before