Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Architectures and Protocols. 0 review. by B. S. Manoj, C. Siva Ram Murthy. Publisher: Prentice Hall. Release Date: May ADHOC E-Books (Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Architectures and Protocols C. Siva Ram Murthy B. S. Manoj). Posted by Sdmcet Edu at Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Architectures and Protocols presents state-of-the-art C. SIVA RAM MURTHY is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science .

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Trier 1 Trier 2. Power-aware gateway connectivity in battery-powered dynamic IoT networks. Hem KapilC. Rajkarn SinghC. Moumita PatraC. Network and Service Management 15 2: Anik SenguptaC. A case for preamble compression in multi-clock-rate sampling devices for energy efficient idle listening.

dblp: C. Siva Ram Murthy

Wireless Networks 24 5: Sudeepta MishraC. Efficient coverage management of pico cells in HetNets via spectrum slicing, cell biasing, and transmit power spreading. Wireless Networks 24 8: SathiManikantan SrinivasanPrabhu K. ThiruvasagamChebiyyam Siva Ram Murthy: Design and stochastic geometric analysis of an efficient Q-Learning based physical resource block allocation scheme to maximize the spectral efficiency of Device-to-Device overlaid cellular networks.

Rahul ThakurVijeth J. Resource allocation and cell selection framework for LTE-Unlicensed femtocell networks. Cell selection and resource allocation for sleep mode enabled femtocells with backhaul link constraint. Revathy NarayananC. Rahul ThakurSudeepta MishraC.

Moumita PatraRahul ThakurC. Vehicular Technology 66 2: A novel fairness-driven approach for heterogeneous gateways’ link scheduling in IoT networks. KotagiFateh SinghC. Anup ChaudhariC. The next evolution step in 5G wireless backhauling.

An efficient location aware distributed physical resource block assignment ziva dense closed access femtocell networks. Piggybacking assisted many-to-Many communication with efficient vehicle selection for improved performance in vehicular ad hoc networks.


Rahul ThakurRajkarn SinghC. An energy efficient framework for user association and power allocation in HetNets with interference and rate-loss constraints. Breathe to Save Energy: Manikantan SrinivasanVijeth J. Sharath BabuMoumita PatraC.

Wireless Networks 22 4: Moumita PatraAnik SenguptaC. On minimizing the system information age in vehicular ad-hoc networks via efficient scheduling and piggybacking.

Wireless Networks 22 5: Surabhi Abhimithra KarthikeyaVijeth K. Fateh SinghJ. Parallel opportunistic routing in IoT networks. Vehicular Communications 2 3: Rajkarn SinghManikantan SrinivasanC. A learning based mobile user traffic characterization for efficient resource management in cellular networks.

A novel spectrum reuse scheme for interference mitigation in a dense overlay D2D network. An energy efficient cell selection scheme for femtocell network with spreading. Manikantan SrinivasanC. A QoE-driven inter-operator spectrum sharing paradigm. Siva Ram MurthyAnusuya Balasubramanian: Sudeepta MishraSrija RangineniC. Veeramani MahendranRajkishan GunasekaranC.

Chaithanya ManamVeeramani MahendranC. Performance modeling of DTN routing with heterogeneous and selfish nodes. Wireless Networks 20 1: Giridhari VenkatadriVeeramani MahendranC. Sudeepta MishraRahul ThakurC. Moumita PatraSudeepta MishraC. Rajkarn SinghSudeepta MishraC. A multi-tier cooperative resource partitioning technique for interference mitigation wireleas heterogeneous sivx networks.

Joint placement and sleep scheduling of grid-connected solar powered road side units in vehicular networks.

Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Architectures and Protocols

Veeramani MahendranC. Chaithanya ManamOhc GuravC. Performance modeling of message-driven based energy-efficient routing in delay-tolerant networks with individual node selfishness.

Sudeepta MishraAnik SenguptaC. Anik SenguptaRahul Thakur zd, C. An efficient preamble compression for multi clock-rate sampling wireless devices. Rahul ThakurAnik SenguptaC. Power consumption modeling of femto-assisted cellular networks using Renewal Reward Process.

A load-conscious cell selection scheme for femto-assisted cellular networks. A performance modeling study. Improving capacity and energy efficiency of femtocell based cellular network through cell biasing.


Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Architectures and Protocols

A Performance Modeling Study. Antony FranklinAthula BalachandranC. Online reconfiguration of channel assignment in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio wireless mesh networks. Computer Communications muthy Performance modeling of routing in delay-tolerant networks with node heterogeneity.

Murthy & Manoj, Ad Hoc Wireless Networks: Architectures and Protocols | Pearson

Saravana ManickamLalit DhingraC. Penumarthi Phani KrishnaR. Saravana ManickamC. Veeramani MahendranThammana PraveenC. Message-driven based energy-efficient routing in heterogeneous delay-tolerant networks.

Penumarthi Phani KrishnaC. On bounding the number of mobiles sharing a slot in a point-to-multipoint network. Rajkishan GunasekaranVeeramani MahendranC. Antony FranklinVibhav BukkapatanamC.

On the end-to-end flow allocation and channel assignment in multi-channel multi-radio wireless mesh networks with partially overlapped channels. Computer Communications 34 Nikunj AggarwalR. Energy efficient and low latency biased walk techniques for search in wireless sensor networks.

Venkataramana BadarlaC. A stochastic approach for efficient update in TCP congestion window in ad hoc wireless networks. Bimal ViswanathT. A stochastic model for the behavior of multiple TCP NewReno sources over optical burst switching network. Photonic Network Communications 22 2: Rohith Dwarakanath VallamArun A. A non-cooperative game-theoretic approach to channel assignment in multi-channel multi-radio wireless networks.

Wireless Networks 17 2: An instantaneous call admission control using information dissemination for WiMAX mesh networks.

Veeramani MahendranSivaraman K. On enhancing the random linear network coding.