William Peter Blatty’s director’s cut of “The Exorcist III” which was thought to be lost. its original title, this is the definitive cut of the film based on his novel ” Legion”. Compre o livro Legion na : confira as ofertas para livros em inglês e William Peter Blatty (), the writer of numerous novels and. Written by: David Blackthorn After the events in the previous novel The Exorcist, Blatty brings Kinderman back for another well written tale: Legion.

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A psychiatrist with a macabre sense of humor and a guilty secret?

But on its own, as a standalone novel, Legion is brilliant. Not a laymans understanding. At times he thought or said things that had nothing to do with what was taking place, more like mindless ramblings.

I re-read The Exorcist just before reading it’s “sequel” Legion. It made me think about and question things, and I can only attribute that to a fine job by this author. That said, Blatty expertly juggles theological ponderings with horror and suspense for most of the novel.

Legion (Blatty novel) – Wikipedia

I read that and dropped to one knee in public transportation. Recovered and released in under its original title, this is the definitive cut of the film based on his novel “Legion”.

From all the characters Kinderman is my favourite because of the way he perceives things and describes logic. I was beyond crushed!! Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Exorcist steps The Exorcist: Scott, the eerie atmosphere and photography and the best jump scare I have ever seen.

But this book is long drawn out and not very dramatic. He wrote the novel The Exorcist and the subsequent screenplay version for which he won an Academy Award. Blatty based aspects of the Gemini Killer on the real life Zodiac Killer[1] who, in a January letter to the San Francisco Chroniclehad praised the original Exorcist film as “the best satirical comedy that I have ever seen”.


William Peter Blatty ‘Legion’ Review

The Exorcist is probably my favourite horror movie of all time alongside The Evil Dead and Sinister and is also one of my top books.

But how can we have it when we know we’re going to die? Please don’t go sleepless with worrying about this problem. Kinderman’s investigations lead him to a mental asylum where there are a number of suspects, including a psychiatrist and one of his own patients. Why are two of the victims priests?

There, Kinderman begins to find links between the victims and events in the previous novel, the exorcism of the twelve-year-old girl, Regan. Still Kinderman is an intriguing detective and we do get some emotional scenes. I had the paperback once upon a time and never read it.

If you have a short attention span or a lack of patience, the ramblings and endless pontificating by Lt. So here’s your warning, dear future readers. Blatty is an excellent story teller and brings back a few characters from “The Exorcist ” in this story of a series of gruesome murders that we soon learn is directly related to events surrounding the exorcism of a young girl that took place in the area several years prior.

He just has such a brilliant talent for evoking terrifying impulses whilst captivating you into believing every word of his writing. What is it that you want from us? His true intentions towards mankind. These lrgion appear to be the same style of the Gemini Killer who has ,egion declared dead lgeion twelve years.

Pretty standard though workable fare. I kept thinking was he drunk or high while writing this?! Para terminar dejo un fragmento de uno de los varios momentos mas OMG a mi parecer.


Well, we’re doing it.

William Peter Blatty ‘Legion’ Review – Horror Novel Reviews

Is it an argument worth having? The theatrical version was flawed and blaty loved to blame the “suits” who demanded changes and re-shoots. But it’s great that we can establish that by ourselves, thanks to the good folks who assembled the director’s cut from whatever crude material they could get their hands on.

Some of the cultural references were new to me, and I found myself googling the odd word or two, many of them turning out to be Yiddish, and whilst they’re not essential to understanding the story, it’s all part of absorbing the book and the author’s intent.

And it really blstty my patience having to tolerate his constant ramblings which – to steal a phrase my buddy reader Aileene used – places speed bumps throughout the story.

I followed this up in January with a re-read been more than 10 years of Legion, the sequel that inspired the third flick.

The true heart of this work lies with its main protagonist Lieutenant Kinderman, a Jewish man devoted to his family and friends whose calm demeanor is slowly being chipped away from his job. It may not be on the level of The Exorcist and the movie may have a better ending but Legion is still a fun ride. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. From the author of The Exorcist — Legiona classic tale of horror, is back in print!

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: That’s the problem here But that didn’t make him infallible.

I loved this book. Perhaps disappointing is a better word? WELL, sorry that Blatty can deliver something other than horror!!!