An introduction to armanen rune magic, free rune reading course. He is the author of Das Geheimnis der Runen (The Secret of the Runes), which “The row of 18 “Armanen runes”, also known as the “Armanen futharkh” came. Meanings of the Armanen runes – including name, image, sound, casting meaning and what the rune stands for.

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Rune Magick — Karl Hans Welz. I took me 2 weeks to complete reading this article and somehow this mornings small reading left me with a sense of resilience and luck.

Armanen runes – Wikipedia

It may or it may not — but the option is there. This connection gives you the power to create wherever you wish to! The only certain answer to all these questions is that we do not know the answers. It has taken me a few years to generate real heart feelings for the runes. Sunday, November 9, Casting the Armanen Runes – why the diversity of positions? Basic action, main target, alternative target, main trend, trend in the environment, and grounding.

For me, and many others, the Armanen Futharkh is that runic row. Although a student of “the occult” for over 40 years I tend to follow my own path I’m quite new to the Armanen runes, and all that is associated with them. Watch the rest of this blog as there is always more information being posted. A rune of wisdom, spiritual understanding, and the power of generation. This means that we can trace back this type of creative interaction with the environment to the earliest origins of humankind, even before language evolved as we know it in our days.

Runes are not just letters or verbal symbols. After the war and for many years even still today in Germany to some degree runic mysticism has been steeped in extreme controversy because of the appropriation of ancient symbology by the National-Socialists. Noble actions have noble results. Then there is always the possibility that some of the ancient Rune-carvers were not completely following their culture’s accepted interpretation of the “Elder” Futhark in the first place.

Armanen Runes – Rune Meanings

runss Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: In addition to that, they turned out to be relatively easy to control, since I approached them according to their nature: Tyr is a rune that has the power to make situations rhnes completely around. This is the only way to get an unbiased, balanced and independent point of view. I did not tie the Runes onto the “Procrustes bed” of cabbalistic thinking nor armaneen I force the Runes into the often abused mold of “definitions”.


What they cannot do aemanen bring you in touch with the deeper sides of Runic wisdom, and even less with the creative realms of the universe.

We know that the ancient Norse religion was the last religious system that included some Runic practice in its belief structures. Although academic runology predates List by a couple of centuries, he was the first major figure to actually attempt to reconstruct what runes meant symbolically to the ancient Indo-European mind – a cultural worldview rather different, to say the least, from our modern post-Christian materialism with its false dichotomies, literalism, and the obsessive dialectical habit of segregating every idea and concept into infinite hair-splitting boxes of “non-overlapping magisteria”.

Using the creative powers afmanen the Runes for your psychic development and spiritual advancement, you can naturally gain control of love, money, business, sports, status, runew life itself. If sending it through a relative were not possible, sending it by sea would at armmanen bring it closer to them, it’s unlikely it would wash up on the right shore, but again, it’s intent that matters.

This goal is one which may take many lifetimes to attain, but it is the most worthy of all goals. Let us know a bit more about you and your past, Sunny. Now you can listen to the amazing effects of this innovative approach using third-tones instead of half-tones in compositions, which most certainly will be an incredible new musical experience that you have never had before!

.: The Armanen Futharkh: A Controversial Rune Row?

These individuals rarely, if ever, used the Armanen Futharkh; instead preferring the runnes row developed by Karl Maria Wiligut, the promoter of Irmin-Christianity. Consequently, once you know the esoteric structure of a symbolism and the meaning of one of its symbols, you are naturally capable to precisely establish the meanings of all other symbols. These are an excellent place for me to begin and will keep me busy for quite awhile.


Therefore, to combine Runes means to combine seed ideas expressed in the realms of creation and to practice Runes means to creatively act upon your universe! We know also that Runes cannot be limited to be part of any one religious belief system.

The advantage that Runers have is we rhnes the holiness in all of nature, whereas with devout Christians it has to be something confined or made in a church, or an image of a saint from their religion, ruhes. These realms are way beyond the well-defined planetary energies or entities of the spheres in a Bardonian sense and, in fact, you can use these creative energies as modifiers of such entities.

Thus they only focus on a Rune’s sound, the reconstructed language, and the outer literal meaning of the reconstructed word. Also the free article “Heathen Magic” by Steve Anthonijsz is a good armanne on background atmanen Runic practices, and you can also look up Siegfried Kummer’s “Runen-Magie” though unfortunately Flowers is the only translator of it in English – same with the other authors in his “Rune-Might” book, though the contents of that book are actually pretty good Runes allow you to flex your psychic muscle in the same way others may take advantage of their wealth, prestige, or position on the ladder of social success.

To many, I’m an “insufferable little cunt”. To understand the true origins of the Armanen Rune systemas encapsulated in Guido von List’s groundbreaking book The Secret arkanen the Runeswe really need to look at hard facts instead of cooked-up controversy. However, I put the Rune classes for free on the Internet already inin connection with other courses that I had written. It is these runes which, as Dr. No this project is not for any commercial use. You are most welcome.

Again I am offering the courses together with the Rune Songs to any person who is interested in developing their creative energies within and to get in tune with the creative energies of the universe.