URLs consist of multiple parts — including a protocol and domain name — that tell a Protocol (FTP) server, and telnet for a session to access remote computers. A fully qualified domain name (FQDN), sometimes also referred to as an absolute domain “Definition of domain names in Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. Palmarflexion and dorsiflexion refer to movement of the flexion (palmarflexion) or extension (dorsiflexion) of.

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What is a URL?

Anatomists use a unified set of terms to describe most of the movements, although other, more specialized terms are necessary for describing the uniqueness of the movements such as those of the hands, feet, and eyes. Please let us know all the ways you would like to hear from us: Port The port number is rarely visible in URLs but always required.

The components of a URL

Each computer is assigned their own address, an IP address, in a form of strings of numbers. Supination of the foot refers to turning of the sole of the foot inwards, shifting weight to the lateral edge. The scheme identifies the protocol to be used to access the resource on the Internet. Query A query is commonly found in the URL of dynamic pages ones which are generated from database or user-generated content and is represented by a question mark followed by one or more parameters.

Eversion is the movement of the sole of the foot away from the median plane.

Fully qualified domain name – Wikipedia

In this blog post we want to explain what domain names are and answer some of the most common misconceptions around them. Who would remember it? External rotation or lateral rotation refers originurlexteension rotation away from the center of the originurlexxtension.


Motionthe process of movement, is described using specific anatomical terms. Uses authors parameter Commons category link is on Wikidata Commons category link is on Wikidata using P As a matter of fact, a computer can have many IP addresses as well, but now I’m getting too technical: URL stands for Originnurlextension Resource Locatoror in other words, the web address of an online resource, i.

Everything after the domain name is used to identify the location of specific content within a site. Motions are classified after the anatomical planes they occur in, [1] although movement is more often than not a combination of different motions occurring simultaneously in several planes.

Flexion and extension are examples of angular motions, in oriyinurlextension two axes of a joint are brought closer together or moved further apart. If a query string is specified, it is preceded by a question mark.

It usually appears at the end of a URL and begins with a hash character followed by an identifier.

Ports are numbered, and most services have a pre-defined port that they usually work from. Extension is the opposite of flexion, describing a straightening movement that increases the angle between body parts. The query directly follows the domain name, path or port number.

Some argued that Google was to blame because these people were already familiar with logging into Facebook in this way and because the Google results changed, they weren’t to know better?

The fifth and final part of the URL is the query stringand is also optional. If a query string is used, it follows the path component, and provides a string of information that the resource can use for some purpose for example, as parameters for a search or as data to be processed.


The most common protocol is http which stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. Internet hosts have a certain number of ports. The first one refers to the root directory.

Such a name is also known as a relative domain name. Domain name A domain name is a unique reference that identifies a web site on the internet, for example doepud.

When it’s not declared and in most aantomy where the originurlextensiln is http, port 80 is used. Who’s fault is it that they did a search for Facebook log in and arrived on a site that wasn’t the Facebook log in page?

Pronation of the foot refers to turning of the sole outwards, so that weight is borne on the medial part of the foot. Retrieved 29 April Briefly, a URI is defined as any character string that identifies a resource. The DNS root is unnamed, expressed as the empty label terminated by the dot.

This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat If domain names do not end with a period, the Domain Name Server appends one as a suffix.

What Are Domain Names and How Do They Work

This is a set of four numbers ranging from 0 to In contrast to a domain name that is fully specified, a domain name that does not include the full path of labels up to the DNS root is often called a partially qualified domain name. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. List of abductors of the human body and List of adductors anafomy the human body.