Transcript of ANALISIS BROMATOLOGICO DEL PAN. OBJETIVOS -Fijar las características principales del pan desde la naturaleza y calidad. Análisis bromatológico de las variggades En el Cuadro 22, se expresan los resultados de los análisis bromatológicos del grano de maíz correspondientes a . Análisis bromatologico con dos mazorcas de maíz JC 24 de semillas Valle Verde .

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Molecular characterization of rumen bacteria, rumen parameters and digestibility of steers fed diets of different ratios of forage corn silage to concentrate in the diet. Implementation of technological strategies to improve the productivity and sustainability of dual purpose cattle systems on the grasslands of the Colombian Caribbean Region. Effects of polyunsaturated fatty acids from plant oils and algae on the distribution of fatty acids in the polar and neutral fraction of milk from lactating Holstein cows T1, T2 y T3: Analysis of serum levels of total cholesterol in two lines of laying hens.

Berthaud Traditional Mexican agricultural systems and the potential impacts of transgenic varieties on maize diversity. Marker based bromatoloigco of morphological and agronomic traits. Effect in the inclusion of vitamin 1 alpha — hydroxycholecalciferol during the rearing pullets stage in layer.

Soya TS y G. Los datos se analizaron usando SAS 9.

FEDNA | Fundación Española para el Desarrollo de la Nutrición Animal

Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. Two other experiments, using condensed tannins extracted from six tropical legumes, were conducted to study the effects of ECT on the fermentation of D-glucose Experiment Four and BCT on the fermentation of F. For our purposes, ECT were tannins dissolved in aqueous methanol and added to the fermentation media, whereas BCT were those attached to F.


Effect of kind of supplement on weight gain of lambs in finishing. International Research Journal of Biological Sciences 2: La leche es un alimento de excelente calidad, que por su contenido nutricional se convierte en un componente indispensable en la dieta. Avenida Central del Norte. Effect of feeding level and age on respiratory exchange and heat production in beef cattle.

La colecta se hizo al azar en diferentes plantas de cada especie. Dairy production and quality in holstein bovine supplemented with crude glycerin.

Effect of the use cattle and goat rumen fluid in vitro bromaologico for the production of gases on the degradation of dry matter. Evaluation of the inclusion of yeast derived from the fermentation of banana residues during the production of ethanol in the diet of broilers.

Effect of diets with high proportions of concentrate and different particle size on rumen fermentation parameters in cattle confined.

Intestine length associated with feeding habits in red tilapia Oreochromis broatologico. Para los forrajes P. Para realizar esto se hizo un montaje de 12 camas, de 40 cm de largo, anaalisis cm de ancho y 10 cm de profundidad, en las cuales se adicionaron, a cada una de ellas, 50 individuos de la especie mencionada, y de forma aleatoria un kilogramo de cada dieta en los siguientes tratamientos T1, T2, T3: Evaluation of the of nutritional additives on enteric methane production by bovines.


Evaluation on weight gain in red californian earthworm Eisenia foetida with differents organic substrates. Efecto rel tipo de suplemento sobre la ganancia de peso de corderos en etapa ceba In laying hens generally the cholesterol used for physiological functions is mainly provided by de novo synthesis, in liver and ovary principally; but also the cholesterol level is influenced by factors like hen genetics and diet.

El consumo promedio de materia seca del forraje fue Esta enzima utiliza iones divalentes como cofactores.

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It can be concluded that the Hy-line W line, have serum levels of total cholesterol higher than the Lohmann Brown line. El T2 obtuvo la mejor ganancia de peso promedio semanal con Por ejemplo, las novillas se aparean a los Effect of the daily forage allowance variation on the productive performance of grazing dairy cows. El mejor contenido en cenizas reporta el T0 avena de corte con 8.


Los tratamientos consistieron en una oferta forrajera OF del 3.