Corola cerrada. Ni un rayo de luna. Filtrado me haya. Ni una margarita. Se diga mi hermana. Tú me quieres nívea, Tú me quieres blanca, Tú me quieres alba. TU ME QUIERES BLANCA por Alfonsina Storni. Tú me quieres alba,. Me quieres de espumas,. Me quieres de nácar. Que sea azucena. Sobre todas, casta. Translation of ‘Tú me quieres blanca’ by Alfonsina Storni (Alfonsina Storni Martignoni) from Spanish to English.

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So, who is anyone to value or devalue me and my decisions? HabitsLoveStrength. Next up in our Best of Corola cerrada Ni un rayo de luna Filtrado me haya. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Alfonsina Storni’s Tú Me Quieres Blanca (a translation) | The Line Break

I miss feeling suffocated. So angry, so confused, so hot, so bothered.

Oh, she would have some things to say. Thank you for introducing me to her work.


You want me snow, You want me white, You want me dawn. Women in Translation Month! HabitsLoveStrength After fighting over mattress, pillows, and blankets for nine days, I thought I would love having elbow alfonsinz. And when your tissues Have been transformed And when you have put back into them the soul that you left behind in the bedrooms Only then, good man, Expect me to be white Expect me to be niveous Expect me to be chaste. Thanks for the translation!

You have had all The cups in your hands, Flowing fruit and honey, Staining your lips dark. I grew cold and distant from my mother, my situation, and myself. It is more beautiful and powerful in Spanish but I understand it more thoroughly in English, although I am a native Spanish speaker. Credits Get a free blog at WordPress.

Tú me quieres blanca (English translation)

Join 2, other followers. Made of white lily, Untouched among the others. Wow—this Storni poem is really striking. This site uses cookies.

Storni, Alfonsina: You want me white (Tú me quieres blanca in English)

This site uses cookies. February 18, at 8: And oh, he was. Beautiful poem from to me an unknown voice. Tequila — Aches, pains, everything else: Finally, Storni tells all men to cleanse themselves and make themselves pure before they demand pureness from her and other women.


You who had all The drinks at hand, With lips stained From fruits and honey. You who were in the feast, Who were covered with leaves, Who destroyed the flesh To celebrate Bacchus.

I miss snapping at you. Much of this translation was a group effort with help from Melissa Gioia and Laura Hakala. Poems for an Empty Church. I’ve been reading in peaceful quiet for hours.

She would scream and shout and demand respect. Poetry and Translation Tags: