Thermal Clothing

Simon Safety have a long history of providing Specialist clothing and Thermal wear for people at work. Our reputation has been built on excellent quality and innovation with many years experience, giving us a strong reputation in the marketplace of which we are extremely proud.

Thermal wear has become necessary with these ever-decreasing temperatures. The chill in the winters and the frostiness of the wind becomes unbearable. You must use thermal wear for protecting your whole body. In the Thermal Clothing section of our catalogue, you can find a range of lower body and upper body thermals. To take the most defensive action against the freezing weather, you have the options of inner wear too.

The thermal wear is made of high quality fabric, which provides good warmth, soft on the skin and retains the body heat. The thermal clothing is available as breathable and your body does not feel suffocated. Wearing this clothing keeps hold of your body heat. The evasion of body heat leaves you with a cold feeling. Therefore it is essential to hold this heat around the body and within the clothing only.

Effective thermal wear chosen by you will give you the most required during the tough weather conditions. Roam around comfortably wearing your thermal wear and this time give the weather a tough fight.

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