Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Protection independent of the ambient air. Simon Safety offers various chemical oxygen devices, airline breathing apparatus for long or short duration applications in e.g. confined spaces and modular self-contained compressed air breathing apparatus systems.

Simon Safety are able to offer:

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)




Self-contained breathing apparatus systems, designed for long life and low maintenance. To meet every application and budget the long duration SCBAs can be configured according to individual requirements.

Self-Contained Closed Circuit Breathing Apparatus




Chemical oxygen apparatus are ideal for escape/ or working applications wherever toxic gases, particles or oxygen deficiency must be expected suddenly.

Chemical Oxygen Self-Rescuers




Self-Rescuers are made for rescue from hazardous situations like toxic gases, smoke, oxygen deficiency. They are particularly designed for rough environments like mining.

Compressed Air Escape Device




If you expect that situations with a lack of oxygen can occur, a Compressed Air Escape Device is a viable option and Simon Safety are ready to open that escape door for you.

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