Foot Protection

Simon Safety are proud to be working with the World's leading manufacturers in the foot protection market and above all their key success factors are innovation and quality.


The products available offer a wide range of comfortable footwear, covering diverse environments and professional sectors, and inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Our range, combine design and comfort, and benefit from the latest results in our manufacturers R&D:
- Ultra-light and non-magnetic 200 Joule toecaps
- Composite anti puncture midsoles
- Highly flexible and resistant outsoles
- High quality leathers and materials for our linings and uppers


Simon Safety's operation and our manufacturers production modes, from the most automated to manual ones, are managed by an BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 certified Quality Assurance system. From footwear design up to after-sales service, controls are implemented to scrupulously meet safety standards as required in today's industry.

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