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MSA Miniscape Respirator

Should the MSA Miniscape Respirator be Issued as Standard PPE

Article Date: 7/5/2011

Should the MSA Miniscape Respirator be Issued as Standard PPE?

 Traditionally the MSA Miniscape Respirator has been utilised as an escape device for workers within the Petro - Chemical Industry where a particular hazard has been identified particularly in or near laboratory areas.

There is some thinking nowadays that the MSA Miniscape should be issued as a normal item of PPE to all workers on petro-chemical processing sites.

The MSA Miniscape is an ABEK-5 negative pressure respirator that can protect workers when there are releases of toxic vapours and gasses.  It is important to state that it is not a substitute for breathing apparatus for workers that are expected to encounter toxic vapours in normal working conditions.

The Miniscape can be donned quickly in an emergency and can be worn easily with spectacles or goggles due to it's unique design.

For further information on the Miniscape please download the product information sheet. MSA_miniSCAPE_Rev04_GB1.pdf