Adding Value for Clients

When contacting Simon Safety, we don't ask you and expect you to have the product codes relating to safety products and equipment out of a catalogue. We discuss your needs to ensure you have the maximum protection required for the work or job that you or your staff, are involved in.

Simon Safety are leaders in Safety Technology, and specialist suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment, Workwear, Corporate Clothing and associated services to the Oil, Gas and Power Generation industries Worldwide. 

We have the solution for your safety.    

At Simon Safety every client has a dedicated Account Safety Specialist who is their one point of contact for any business that they conduct with us. Our team of internal & external sales professionals supports each Safety Specialist. They are always on hand to help the customer promptly and efficiently.  

Our Account Safety Specialists and support staff are experienced, highly trained and dedicated.

Simon Safety has Safety Product and Service specialists located throughout the UK whose primary focus is to support your technical product and service needs and understand your processes, operations and culture.
Simon Safety Product Specialist working with Petrochemical Clients
A Simon Safety specialist works with your company to provide training and technical assistance on all of the products we supply. In addition, we customise safety supply and service programs to fit your needs.   

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